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A Letter from Our CEO

Here at Community Council Health Systems, we apply a blend of innovative and traditional practices in order to improve the life of our participants.  Currently, mental health wellness is a larger challenge now than any other time in recent history.  Across the city and state, we bear witness to heightened levels of crises.  In the midst of this challenge, Community Council remains committed and firm in its mission to provide services to those in need.  We look to provide support in a manner that builds capacity and independence, to enhance pride in themselves and in their accomplishments.  The staff assembled at Community Council have taken the charge and are committed to servicing and empowering our participants as we collectively manage and conquer challenge after challenge.  Community Council is now, and will remain, a staple and an anchor in the West Philadelphia community. 

“We want to treat the whole person…CCHS is here for the people who need it most.” 

Joseph P. Watkins President & CEO of Community Council Health Systems

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