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Child & Adolescent Services

Non-Fidelity Act

For immediate assistance, call (215) 307-8196

The Non-Fidelity Act (NFA) Program services adults that have a serious mental illness and many who have substance abuse issues and/or medical issues. NFA is recommended for individuals that have frequent hospital visits, CRC appearances, and/or mobile emergency service contacts. Our program is enhanced with a full-time psychiatrist, nurse, and AOD specialist (alcohol and other drugs) to support the needs of the individuals that we service.

The goal of a blended enhanced case manager is to encourage independence in the community, as well as to reduce the need for emergency psychiatric care.

In addition, the NFA provides the support, training, and assistance required for a safe and healthy community life that is promoted through stability in relationships, housing, and education.

Our mission is to assist adults in achieving their highest level of functioning in the community without professional assistance.

Adult Outpatient Services are offered both at our main office and at a satellite location. The Wellness Center,  provides outpatient mental health services to adults who are 18 years of age and older and their families who are experiencing psychiatric problems.


These problems include, but are not limited to psychotic conditions which are active or in remission, mood disorders, anxiety disorders and other serious and persistent mental illness. The Wellness Center's services include psychological assessments, psychiatric evaluation, individual, group and family therapy, case management and also
community outreach.

Adult Outpatient Services

The Mobile Support Services (MSS) Program (formerly the Mobile Rehabilitative Services -MRS program) provides ongoing supports to individuals in recovery who live in their own residence. These supports promote recovery and resilience; provide services to meet the tenant's needs; enable tenants to maintain a stable residence for independent living; assist tenants in maximizing their capacity for independent living; and promote the development of support services for tenants. 


Program referrals come from the Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual Disability Services (DBHiDS) and are determined through a screening process based on a set of medical criterion. Once accepted to the program, a comprehensive assessment is performed within 7 days.

Mobile Support Services [MSS]
Recovery Paths

Recovery Paths believes that Recovery is a SELF DETERMINED and HOLISTIC journey that PEOPLE undertake to heal and grow.

  • It is facilitated by RELATIONSHIPS and ENVIRONMENTS that provide HOPE, EMPOWERMENT, CHOICES, and OPPORTUNITIES that allow people to reach their fullest potential as contributing members within their community.

  • Recovery Paths provides therapeutic groups that are tailored to treat, identify, and understand Mental Health and Co-occurring disorders.

  • Recovery Paths goals are to encourage motivate and teach individuals on effective ways to live a fulfilling and productive life.

  • Our model is designed to provide persons with an individual choice to determine what groups fit their personal RECOVERY needs.

  • Recovery Paths utilizes a
    bio-psychosocial model that combines biological, social, and behavioral knowledge to assess and treat seriously and persistently mentally ill adults in a day setting.

Adult Services

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