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Insurance Plans


Notice of Compliance

The Quality Assurance (QA) Department established the Compliance and Incident Management Hotline to receive reports of fraud or an occurrence or event that causes, or may cause harm to a member/participant(s) served or staff.  

If you do not wish to disclose your identity, you may remain anonymous when contacting the Quality Assurance Department. However, please keep in mind that our inability to contact you may limit our ability to perform a thorough investigation. It is our policy to honor all requests for confidentiality and not to release any information that would identify such individuals unless disclosure is unavoidable during the course of the investigation.


Compliance and Incident Management Hotline Form
Use of the form will avoid disclosure of your e-mail address if you choose to remain anonymous. You can access this online form here.


Send an e-mail to Your e-mail address will be transmitted to the Quality Assurance department in the heading of your message.


Hotline Telephone 
(833) 732-CCHS (2247)


To speak with a live Compliance Officer: (215) 620-2707

Community Council Health Systems
Attention: Quality Assurance Department
4900 Wyalusing Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19131

Information to Include in the Report
No matter which method of reporting you choose, please include as much detail as possible by answering the following questions:

  • What happened?

  • When did it happen?

  • Where did it happen? Please be specific as possible.

  • Describe the behavior or event in detail.

  • Do you have firsthand knowledge of the event?

  • If not, who can we contact that has firsthand knowledge of the event?

  • Who else knows about the event and how do they know?

  • May we contact you for additional information? If so, how can we contact you?

Confidentiality and Non-Retaliation Statement
Compliance and Incident Management investigations are kept as confidential as possible as governed by state and federal law. Anyone found guilty of retaliation against one who reports a matter to Quality Assurance will be subject to immediate discipline.


Privacy Disclaimer
Please be advised that any information submitted, across the Internet is not guaranteed to be confidential because of the inherent openness of the Internet. Use of the Compliance and Incident Management hotline form will avoid disclosure of your email address to Quality Assurance personnel. Exercise discretion in sending sensitive material via e-mail because it can be intercepted by an outside party. 

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