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Child & Adolescent Services

Child & Adolescent Services

Artistic & Cultural
Enrichment Program [ACE]

The ACE program is an Out of School Time after-school and  summer program. The purpose of the program is to impact a student’s learning experience by providing programs designed to lead to a student’s overall development and potential success. Program offerings include homework assistance, tutoring, project-based learning, mentoring, social skills, African drumming, art, dance, drama, and sports.

Children's Outpatient Services [COS]

The Children's Outpatient Service (COS) Program is housed in the Hutchins Pavilion on the main campus. The primary focus of the program is to help each consumer have a better understanding of self and value who they are as well as to help them create positive coping skills.

COS offers psychiatric and psychological evaluation services as well as medication management.  Individual, group, and family therapy is also offered through different modalities. COS acts as the central intake and appointment scheduling unit for the entire agency's child and adolescent customers.

Intensive Behavioral Health Services (IBHS)

Intensive Behavioral Health Services (IBHS) support children, youth, and young adults with mental, emotional, and behavioral health needs.  IBHS offers a wide array of services that meet the needs of these individuals in their homes, schools, and communities

Children's Blended Case Management (CBCM)

Blended Case Management provides direct service to children and adolescents who have a behavioral health issues and their families. Blended Case Management primary goals are to promote independent living in the community and reduce the chance of behavioral health emergency services and hospitalization. Blended Case Manger is to share information about resources and services available to the participants and their family. In addition, the Blended Case Manger should provide support, information and assistance required for safe and healthy community life prompted through stability in relationships and education.

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