Child & Adolescent Services

Child & Adolescent Services

Artistic & Cultural
Enrichment Program [ACE]

The ACE program is an Out of School Time after-school and  summer program. The purpose of the program is to impact a student’s learning experience by providing programs designed to lead to a student’s overall development and potential success. Program offerings include homework assistance, tutoring, project-based learning, mentoring, social skills, African drumming, art, dance, drama, and sports.

Achieving Reunification Center (ARC)

ARC brings systems together to create a collaborative effort to help parents achieve positive outcomes. The Center proposes to impact the timeliness of permanency through interventions provided in a "one step" model of service delivery with links to services throughout the city.


Through the joint effort and streamlined access to multiple systems that impact their lives, parents will be more than likely to achieve goals listed on their family service plan and reunify with their children. The ARC program is funded by DHS, the ARC Outpatient office is funded by CBH.

Children's Outpatient Services [COS]

The Children's Outpatient Service (COS) Program is housed in the Hutchins Pavilion on the main campus. The primary focus of the program is to help each consumer have a better understanding of self and value who they are as well as to help them create positive coping skills.

COS offers psychiatric and psychological evaluation services as well as medication management.  Individual, group, and family therapy is also offered through different modalities. COS acts as the central intake and appointment scheduling unit for the entire agency's child and adolescent customers.

Preschool Family Intervention (PFI)

PFI's mission is to provide high quality early childhood mental health services for children and families. 

PFI is a therapeutic preschool for children ages 2.5 years to 5 years old. Our program provides therapeutic services to children who are experiencing  significant social, emotional, and/or behavioral challenges which could adversely affect their success in a regular preschool or day care setting. The children are also provided with a hot breakfast and lunch daily.

Services are designed to be developmentally appropriate and individualized to each child. Delivery of services include a highly structured day schedule, as well as individual, group, and family sessions.

Behavior Health Rehabilitative Services [BHRS]

Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS), also referred to as "Wraparound" is a short term, intensive behavioral service designed to improve the lives of children and adolescents with complex psychological or behavioral needs which make it difficult to function in everyday routines. Services may be provided in  the home, community, and/or school setting.

In order to qualify for BHRS services, a child must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be younger than 21 years of age

  • Must have an Axis I diagnosis

  • Must qualify for Medical Assistance. If not currently receiving MA, the child may still qualify for MA regardless of family income

  • Must exhibit medical necessity for an intensive behavioral health service as determined by a license psychologist or psychiatrist.

To schedule an evaluation to determined if your loved one meets the medical necessity criteria for these services, please call the CCHS Children's Intake Department at

School Therapeutic Services [STS]

The Wraparound Program provides School-Based Services to various Philadelphia School District institutions. This program focuses on behavioral health interventions from a team of Master Level Clinicians and Support Workers (3:1 ratio). Specialized group interventions are also offered to children on a weekly basis. 

Students in grades K-8 with Medical Assistance Insurance and a behavioral health diagnosis that impacts a student's performance in school may be eligible for referral.

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