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Celebrating 3o Years of Service

Meet Arlene Berry


I started at Community Council 30 years ago just wanting a part time job as a food service worker. I did that job for only six months when I was offered a position as a developmental therapist, which was a full time position in the classroom. It was a struggle raising three girls and having miss important events.


Later, I accepted the position as a Team Leader for Therapeutic Classroom Program, the original name for the pre school program before changing over to PFI. Around 2005 I worked with the after-school program which was called Learning Therapy for five years. After my position was phased out as a Team Leader, I returned back to the classroom. It has been rewarding working with children over these past 30 years and seeing some success stories that followed. Watching them move on to greater and better things, including attending and graduating from college earning their degree has been one of the most rewarding things for me during my time here at CCHS.


Having a connection with families was also very important to me since I was a parent myself. I'm proud to say that I was able to maintain a good relationship with some parents and still have contact with them years later. Community Council has been very kind to me and has seen me through some struggles in my personal life.


I have been fortunate to have met some great people in my life that have treated me with love and respect, and more importantly, like family. Being dedicated to the cause of helping others and respecting those you work with which includes administrator is the key to a lasting professional relationship.


If Arlene has touched your life in any way, please click here to share some kind words about what she's meant to you. Let's celebrate Arlene!

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