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Recovery Paths' Graduation 2018

A Celebration of Hope and Restoration

The Recovery Paths’ graduation was a great celebration of the potential of the human spirit. The RP choir performed three songs and one of our newer members, Ms. Renee R., performed a solo. Performances by our members Ms. Seda W. who did a praise dance with the choir and Nicole D. who wrote and recited an original poem just added to this joyous occasion. The Recovery Paths’ graduates were chosen based on their consistent commitment to their goals and recovery based on the last three Recovery Goal Plan assessments and evaluated progress. Their selection was also based on their self-assessment to embark on a new chapter in their lives. It was essential to ensure that they were emotionally and mentally stable enough to decrease the amount of time spent in the RP program. This year, Recovery Paths had five graduates with admirable accomplishments as noted below:​

  • Charles L. attended and graduated from the Sierra Academy with a certificate in computer science. He has also shown tremendous progress in the area of emotional intelligence and stability. Mr. Charles is a VERY outgoing individual as he is always dancing and sharing jovial energy with his peers and staff.

  • Calvin S. is a very polite and kind man. He volunteered consistently in the RP meal area by preparing and selling morning coffee to our members. Mr. Calvin also attended a senior group facility in the afternoons to continue fostering positive relationships outside of program.  Always a helper, he also assists his sister with her daily needs.

  • Annabelle G. has been a member of the Recovery Paths’ Peer Leadership Board for a number of years. By showing compassion and encouragement to others in the RP program, she has been an example to her peers. Ms. Annabelle has shown great progress in her social skills, Including etiquette and communication skills.

  • Joseph W. is beginning job training with PRO-ACT for clerical work! This is a huge milestone for him as his primary goal was to become more sociable as he formerly was quiet as a mouse. He previously lost his job due to exacerbation of symptoms from his mental illness.

  • James W. has obtained stable housing and has been abstinent from illicit substances for four years. He is a joy to talk with and consistently has a smile on his face. Mr. James has become more confident and is able to advocate for himself when he has ideas and concerns about his life, housing, employment and treatment modalities.

For more information about the Recovery Paths' program, please click here.

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