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General Outreach

For information about Community Council Health Systems, please complete the form below or call us at (215) 473-7033. Messages will be reviewed the next business day.

Quality, Safety, Compliance, or Privacy Concerns

To report a quality, safety, compliance, or privacy issue, please contact the Chief Compliance Officer at (215) 620-2707, email, or fill out complaint form.


Employment Status/Inquiries/PSFL Form Completion Requests

For information about the employment status of current or previous employees at Community Council Health Systems, or any of its affiliates



For media/press inquiries, please contact Gina Sweet-Comrie, Chief Growth and Strategist Officer at  To donate 


Business/Professional Services

For business/professional service outreach

الحرم الرئيسي

4900 شارع ويلسينغ
فيلادلفيا ، بنسلفانيا 19131


هاتف: 215-473-7033

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خدمات تعليم مجلس المجتمع

4224 N Front Street

فيلادلفيا ، بنسلفانيا 19140


هاتف: 2670-845-215

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