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Child & Adolescent Services

Community Council Health Systems is now offering TeleHealth!!!!

Introduction to TeleHealth


TeleHealth is the delivery of behavioral and mental health services using interactive audio/video interface such as videoconferencing.  This type of communication enables a social worker at a separate location to provide treatment for our participants.  The Telehealth service offered by Community Council Health Systems (CCHS) is limited to case management and clinical services.


CCHS safeguards the Confidentiality Rights of participants through the enforcement of State and Federal statutes that governs the privacy of Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol, and HIV related information.  CCHS utilizes Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) approved protected software to ensure that your healthcare information is secured from unauthorized access and that your Confidentiality is preserved.

















Expected Benefits of TeleHealth


  • Increased accessibility to behavioral and mental health care

  • More efficient service delivery and management



Safety and Alternate Treatment Options


As Telehealth is generally conducted remotely, safety protocols and alternate means of seeking help will be addressed in detail in your consultation. However, the following are generally accepted alternatives to treatment via Telehealth:


You may elect to seek treatment in a more traditional, in-office visit with a psychiatrist in this office.   Note, that current evidence via rigorous studies has shown that treatment via Telehealth is equivalent to face-to-face visits with an interventionalist.


Pursuing treatment via Telehealth is a decision made by you. If you choose to revoke your decision and pursue alternate treatment, you are able to withdraw your consent at any time. Of course, we recommend discussing this decision with your treatment team first.


We also recommend establishing your next appointment with your assigned interventionist prior to termination to eliminate any gaps in treatment.



Please contact (267) 295-8853 for more information.


Families will go to “Join Meeting” link and enter the meeting ID, passcode, and their name, and  then connect to the meeting by selecting the “Enter Meeting” link.

The link will be:

Meeting ID: 215 518 8202
Passcode: will be provided by
telehealth provider during
appointment confirmation call.


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